Brilliant Life Planner

Before I became a mom, my life was all about getting as much done as I possibly could. I had 100 things on my to-do list every day, and with my Type A personality, I just wanted to charge right through that list as quickly as I could.

After my husband, Chris and I brought home our first child, Holden, everything changed. He is the sweetest, most incredible little boy, and he brings us so much joy.

After becoming a mom, I realized that life is about so much more than just crossing that next thing off my list. Life is about story time and time to play, lots of laughter and hugs, and plenty of time to build relationships with the people that matter most to me.

 I searched for a tool that would help me to organize my life and prioritize what mattered most instead of just tackling all those items on the to-do list. I scoured all sorts of stores, and I couldn't find what I was looking for. Every planner I saw was plain-jane and nothing but a place to mark off dates on the calendar and write in a list of to-do's.

I needed so much more than that, so I created The Brilliant Life Planner

With the Brilliant Life Planner you can set your great big goals for the entire year. You can then break those goals down into the steps you'll need to take action on every single day.

There's space to reflect on your past week and write down your favorite memories and the things you're most grateful for. 

You can also track your progress towards your goals, along with reminding yourself of how you overcame all the struggles and stressors and crazy things we face as busy moms every day to keep moving forward.

When I launched the previous version of my planner, there were hundreds of women who really loved it. They were using it every single day to accomplish their goals and grow their businesses. But my happy customers also gave me some valuable feedback so that I could make this version of the planner even better. 

The new Brilliant Life Planner has a hard, durable cover: This planner can be tossed into the back of your mini-van, covered in stickers, or used as a fort. No matter what your family puts it through, this planner will last. 

The new Brilliant Life Planner is a smaller, more portable size at 9 ⅛ in. wide by 9 9/16 in. tall. 

This planner has a unique weekly layout, so you can protect time for family, work, and your great big goal with a unique time-blocking system.

Not just about to-do’s, this planner allows you to balance your work and personal life, and intentionally plan out who you will connect with and encourage during the week ahead.

Building habits is one of the best ways to create the life of your dreams - by making the things that matter most part of every single day. Mark your progress with the habit tracking pages.

Some tasks require more than just a calendar to complete. Map out your biggest projects this year and track all of your deadlines with 8 project-planning pages.

Store all of your brilliant ideas on the 37 Notes pages throughout the planner, or organize them in the Brilliant Ideas section located at the back.

See the big picture each month with a traditional calendar page, plus extra room to jot down your areas of focus and most important tasks.

Life is messy enough as it is. You deserve to have a planner that is gorgeous, right out of the box. The Brilliant Life Planner has beautiful, full-color designs on every single page.

No more stray sheets of paper; This planner has durable pockets on both the front and back inside covers.

You deserve a planner that will last and paper that won’t bleed. That’s why we’ve invested in high-quality, thick, 200 GSM paper. Our paper is much thicker than a typical planner you’d find at the store.

After you purchase, you can join our exclusive affiliate program. You can give your friends a coupon code, plus earn $10 for every planner order you refer.

The Brilliant Life Planner is for every woman with a great big goal she's trying to pursue. Whether you’re starting a non-profit, growing a business, or growing a family, the Brilliant Life Planner is for you.

It’s for every woman who believes her dreams matter -- every woman who has passions bigger than her heart can hold but feels overwhelmed at the thought of bringing those passions to life. 

A plain-jane, cookie-cutter planner simply won't do for a talented woman on a mission. I want every woman to know that her life has value, she is incredible, and the world needs what she has to offer.

Brilliant Life Planner - Cascade
Brilliant Life Planner - Aqua Stripe
Brilliant Life Planner - Pink Floral
Brilliant Life Planner - White and Gold Floral
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Click here to view a 3D model of the planner and take a peek inside!

Huge thanks to Jon and Julie of CanvasGadget for the gorgeous 3D planner they put together for us.